FIREPLUG CDI’s are Legal for ISR Racing
(check you local racing rules).


Why would anyone ever complain about a FIREPLUG CDI?


Other CDI’s out there are re-sold / re-builds from somewhere else. They have no warranty because nobody is willing to stand behind quality that isn’t there!

Please don’t compare our FIREPLUG CDI with typical catalog or rebuilt CDI units. There is no comparison!

Those units are typically imported, using weak parts and 1970’s technology with poor quality.
You get inaccurate timing and poor reliability WITH NO WARRANTY!

The FIREPLUG CDI is our answer to the serious Vintage Snowmobilier /
Racer & Collector, who strive for performance & reliability.

We are keenly interested in satisfying your expectations.
The FIREPLUG CDI exceeds the need, at a competitive price, with the best WARRANTY IN THE BUSINESS!.


If you are not satisfied with the FIREPLUG CDI the first 30 days, return it for a cash-refund*.

If the FIREPLUG CDI fails in the first 2-years under normal operating conditions & no physical damage or modifications exists, return it, and we will replace it FREE!

If failure occurs after 2 years, up to 5-years, return it, we will provide a FIREPLUG CDI replacement for 1/2 the current advertised price.

Warranty Info:
User is responsible for paying all return shipping fees for a cash-refund or credit.  We will pay Standard Priority Mail shipping to you on warranty replacements after returned unit is received & evaluated.

*After 30 days, absolutely no cash refunds. 

www.CDIBOX.com will offer a company credit beyond 30-days, up to 90-days from the original purchase date for the original cost of the product (depending upon evaluated condition), minus any original shipping costs. 

Beyond 90 days, www.CDIBOX.com bares no responsibility for any monetary refund or credit.  Standard replacement warranty applies if unit fails to function beyond 30 days. 

Each customer is allowed 1 warranty replacement during the initial 2 year duration after original purchase date, based upon our discretion.  We reserve the right to stop replacing or warrantying the FIREPLUG CDI’s after the 2nd replacement, regardless of time owned.  Our 20 year history has shown our FIREPLUG CDI’s do not typically fail.  Consistent failures indicate other electrical issues, therefore we cannot warranty or continue to replace products due to misapplications, misuse or other issues beyond our control.

www.CDIBOX.com is not responsible for any engine damage that may occur when our products are used or the labor costs incurred to repair your vehicle.  It is the user’s responsibility to understand timing, jetting and basic principles required to operate and maintain your vehicle in safe, proper running condition and recognize potential ignition problems or tuning errors before major issues occur.


NOTE:  All FIREPLUG CDI’s are designed for Snowmobile & off-road RV use and are not designed or intended for aircraft or ultralight use or operation. 

We are not responsible for any misuse or misapplications or any failures other than replacement of CDI through warranty policy.

All FIREPLUG CDI’s are custom built to order.  They do not exist on the shelf. 

Please understand we do not ship the same day you order the CDI.  Although typically only a few days until shipping, lead-time can be anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks depending upon orders ahead of you and existing parts in inventory.

Every FIREPLUG CDI is manufactured AFTER the order is received.  Each FIREPLUG CDI takes 24 hr’s cure-time for epoxy encapsulation after assembly.  Final testing is performed prior to shipping.

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