SPRING 2017:
We are expanding our FIREPLUG CDI line up to include some vintage MX motorcycles.  We only started offering these at the end of 2016, and they have started to become popular already. We are finding the vintage MX bikes have a lot in common with the snowmobiles from the same era.  So it’s quite possible we will be adding more Vintage motorcycle CDI to the FIREPLUG line-up in the future.  Thanks to this expansion, we are now selling FIREPLUG CDI’s into warm-weather states where we have never sold a FIREPLUG CDI before.  States like Texas, California & Arizona now have FIREPLUG CDI’s on their MX bikes.  Here’s the latest FIREPLUG CDI models for motorcycles:

YAMAHA MX:  YAMAHA 1973~75 MX 250/360, 1974~76 YZ125, 1974~75 YZ250 Motorcycles.  OEM#: TIA01-02-3XXReplaces Yamaha OEM CDI ignition module 364-85540-13-00, as well as previous -11-00 & -12-00 versions.

We also have a 1978 YZ250 available for CDI development.  This should add a couple of additional models.  Watch for it this summer.

SUZUKI MX:  PE175/250 (1977~1979).  If you are interested in the PE175/250 CDI, please contact us.
SUZUKI OEM#: 32900-41420


YAMAHA:  Our Yamaha Enticer / BRAVO FIREPLUG CDI replacement has also become popular.  Still lot’s of nice sleds around with no spark.  As typical with Yamaha’s, the stator and components under the flywheel are pretty rugged.  It’s the CDI’s that fail.  An we are here to help!

  We are arranging for a John-Deere 1980 Liquifier for this summers R&D for a replacement CDI.  Lot’s of interest in this CDI, so we are going to make it happen.  This same CDI was used on the JD’s & Kawasaki Invaders from 1978~1982, so hoping to cover some popular models with the FIREPLUG CDI for next season.  We will post more info as we make progress with the development.

We are hearing rumors that one of the other CDI rebuilders in the states may be getting out of vintage snowmobile CDI products to concentrate more on their Marine applications.  I’m not that familiar with their vintage snowmobile CDI offerings, however we are looking into the possibility of picking up the models that did provide.

We are always open to new product development, and often reach out to the public to borrow specific snowmobile or motorcycle models for R&D & CDI development.  We are located in SE-Michigan, about 40 miles North of Detroit (South of Port Huron).  So if you have a particular vintage snowmobile or motorcycle with a bad CDI and live near the area…Please look us up!