FIREPLUG CDI for 1977-79 KAWASAKI KE250 Motorcycle


FIREPLUG CDI for 1977-1979 KAWASAKI KE250 Motorcycle!


1977-79 KAWASAKI KE250 Motorcycle

Replaces OEM Kokusan-Denki 21119-027 / CU1165
(May fit other Kawasaki models.  Check your CDI for matching numbers / matching connector-terminals & wire colors)

Uses OEM 6-WIRE HARNESS (see pics above)

The FIREPLUG CDI plugs directly into the original OEM wiring harness.  No wire splicing or cutting necessary.  Mounts in original location.

Verify matching terminal / connector pic’s above (see picture).

A plug-n-play installation that will bring back the spark you’ve been missing!

CDI follows OEM timing profile.  No timing changes required.

The vintage bikes are still popular.  The 40+ year old electronics used in the OEM CDI are not so popular.  They failed frequently and did not get better with age.  We have experience with the MX bikes from the 70’s, having owned & raced many at that time.  The FIREPLUG CDI is a modern ignition box replacement for the Vintage motorcycles.  The FIREPLUG CDI uses the latest technology to increase spark energy and improve overall performance over the OEM CDI.  Included is the FIREPLUG CDI reliability and warranty that has become the GOLD standard with our ignition modules.  Nobody matches our reliability or warranty.

KAWASAKI KE250 OEM Stator Values (+/- 10% is typical)

All FIREPLUG CDI’s have the unmatched FIREPLUG WARRANTY!

We also rewind stators & can recondition / rewire your complete ignition stator plate & harness system.

CONTACT US with questions or to discuss your application.

NOTE:  It is always good practice to check / verify the ignition timing & carburetor jetting whenever making changes to your engine.  The OEM CDI spark energy will have weakened over time.  Weak spark will tolerate too advanced timing & very lean jetting.  Once you have good spark energy, you may find the bike really responds to larger jetting with improved performance.  More fuel equals more power!  Verify timing & adjust as needed for your style of riding.  Always best to use factory timing as starting point, then adjust from there.

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Weight 1 lbs