For PRESTOLITE CDI / STATOR (Mercury, Rupp, boa-Ski, Skiroule, Speedway, John-Deere, others)

Conversion adapter pigtail for stator wire harness to convert A-style stator to B-style harness so more common B-Style CDI can be used with older A-style stator.

Click on either CDI style for pic of each for comparison to yours: 

A-STYLE or B-STYLE    (Click either to view different styles)

A-style, or John-Deere circular plugs no longer available.

B-Style CDI unit is completely compatible with BOTH A-style & JD-Circular if upgrade “B” style mating connector (below) is requested. 

B-style MATING connector pigtail to upgrade stator to match B-Style CDI.

Simple wiring is necessary to connect to your existing harness.  Basic soldering skills & heat-shrink tubing or electrical tape is all that is needed.  A diagram is provided to match wire-to-wire connections.

It’s simple & straight-forward wire connections to your existing stator harness.


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Weight 1 lbs