Mercury, John-Deere, RUPP, ARCTIC-CAT, Boa-Ski SS, SPEEDWAY, SKIROULE, ALOUETTE  KOHLER / CCW / KIORTZ: For Vintage Kohler AS/RS/RLC (Prestolite #38.285.01 & #38.285.03 replacement), and CCW/Kiortz engines. 

  • Mercury: Kohler AS/RS, 74-Sno-Twister, 75 Sno-Twister 340/440, 75~76 Trail-Twister 340/440
  • John-Deere 76~78 Cyclone, 76-400, 74-JD295S, 75-JD340S, 76~78 Liquifire (CCW/Kiortz engines, JD# AM53644 replacement).
  • RUPP (Kohler powered): 75-Nitro 340/440F/A, 74-Nitro II 340/440(fan),
  • ARCTIC-CAT: (Kohler RLC) 76-El-Tigr’e 250 Z,
  • Boa-Ski SS: 76~77 (Kohler Powered). 
  • SPEEDWAY: (All Kohler SS/RS) 72~73 Blue-Max 340/440
  • SKIROULE: 76~77 Ultra, Laser (All 340/440 Kohler AS)
  • ALOUETTE: 1976 Sno Brute 440 (Kohler 440AS)

FIREPLUG CDI for PRESTOLITE replacement for B-style connectors.

A-style, or John-Deere circular plugs no longer available.
B-Style CDI unit is completely compatible with BOTH A-style & JD-Circular if upgrade “B” style mating connector (below) is requested. 

We can provide the MATING connector to upgrade to B-Style connectors.
It’s simple & straight-forward wire connections to your existing harness.
Can be ordered with CDI above if needed.  

Since 1998, hundreds of this model FIREPLUG were sold, we only had 2 of this model returned that actually failed.  Both failures were traced to wiring issues (pinched wire or incorrectly connected.  This CDI has a remarkable reliability record, and 99.9% of the time it’s something else.  We know it’s easy to suspect the CDI & use the warranty, but I guarantee you will just be wasting your money in shipping costs & it will run fine on our Trail-Twister when we test it here.  Problems are typically a wiring issue or a weak or failing stator most of the time. 

The stator MUST meet ORIGINAL PRESTOLITE SPECIFICATION (see specs above) to work correctly with our FIREPLUG CDI.  Aftermarket stators that are rewound using non-original larger gauge wire may be their answer to reduce their failure, but it significantly reduces energy to the CDI.  It will not work properly with the FIREPLUG CDI.  If an original good PRESTOLITE stator works with both the Original Prestolite CDI & our HIGH-ENERGY FIREPLUG CDI, but an aftermarket rewound stator with incorrect wire does not work with the FIREPLUG, and may still spark an original Prestolite, however will have weak spark.  If you cannot detect spark at the plugs in direct sunlight, the stator is weak or failing!

The FIREPLUG CDI was designed to take advantage of ALL the energy from the PRESTOLITE stator and output 125mJ spark to the plugs, clearly detectable in direct sunlight by sight & sound.  A weaker spark from a non-specification stator firing a 40 year old Prestolite CDI is not what your engine needs to run at peak efficiency.  

We design CDI’s and have studied & discussed this PRESTOLITE ignition system with hundreds of people over the years.  We’ve seen it all.  Your mechanic may have seen this once or twice.  Please take advantage of our expertise & isolate your ignition issues correctly & promptly!


Verify your existing ignition components before buying the CDI (click PDF file below)
Click on this link for a drawing with comparison values that will allow you to measure your present ignition components (Triggers winding, Stator winding & Lighting coil) with an OHM-Meter to verify all components in working order! 
Actual measured values may vary as much as 20% (normal condition) depending upon temperature.


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Weight 1 lbs