FIREPLUG CDI for Yamaha SR292 & T-Jet



replaces HITACHI T1A01-04-XXX.

CONNECTORS are OEM-type compatible plug-in

*Above picture of original OEM hitachi-case with FIREPLUG CDI internals installed.  $25 extra charge for this service if OEM enclosure is sent in for re-use.

DESIGN BACKGROUND: Our development has been very successful. The FIREPLUG timing profile is an improved version of the original Hitachi T1A01-04-210 CDI unit used on the SR292. One FIREPLUG difference is the elimination of the rev-limiter, which the Hitachi SR-CDI utilized to stop over-revving. This was a huge disadvantage to modified SR engines, as the maximum RPM was limited by the CDI box. The FIREPLUG allows the engine builder to determine the RPM range.

This is not the only FIREPLUG difference. The FIREPLUG is manufactured using the best available industrial-grade components. The FIREPLUG is not a high-volume / mass-produced imported device. It doesn’t exist until an order is received. Ask the guys running the FIREPLUG CDI their opinion. They are easy to recognize since there is no snow-dust out front.

There is not a better CDI available…period!


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Weight 1 lbs